seven planet  

World's first chain of green general stores.

Going back to a simpler place in time ... where local economies produce sufficient necessary goods to abundantly provide ...

On 7/7/7, we launched our first store at 205 Main Street (later changed to 74 Main Street) in #kaniksu

On the day after 911, we launched our second store

Cool companies meeting 4 of 7 criteria are eligible to participate in seven planet's mindful commerce program.

Some background ...


Since 2007 the business model has continually been refined.  Presently, we are working on a movie idea ... [which dovetails nicely with http://cire.coolerweb.com/Movie.html] ... a story of peace and harmony.WAPPA "clawback" ...

Note: One seven planet patron (part of the community watch, alerting parties to NSA concerns and noticeably absent from minutes with improved voting at kaniksu.rocks), after confirming dubious president address on HUD statement for Atrisco Land Property from Brooklyn "Finger" seller, upon which more than $100 billion in "no doc" loans were stacked ... including on September 30, 2008 (at height of financial crisis and just prior to election at dispute) ... bank fraud suffiicient to trump other pressing Community Watch matters...  went so far to sell French Country house ... to a strawman with roundUP... and is credited with helping remove Israel from the Map.

An easy to follow story is here: kaniksu.rocks   







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