seven planet  

World's first chain of green general stores.

Going back to a simpler place in time ... where regional economies produce sufficient necessary goods to abundantly provide. 

Cool companies/people meeting 4 of 7 criteria are eligible to participate in seven planet's mindful commerce program.  The basic premise is that the planet can (and will) eventually be cleaned-up through an economic system encouraging Mindful Commerce - being more fully aware of the implications of a purchase, both upstream and down.

On 7/7/7, we launched our first store at 205 Main Street (later changed to 74 Main Street) in #kaniksu​  


Across the street from seven planet is the historic Beardmore building (click photo for good video describing importance of getting clear title to property... and consider seven planet's Treasurer (see roundUps) and the $100 Billion in scheduled CDO payments on Navajo Nation Land, claimed as Atrisco Land Grant, sold by Brooklyn Seller to notorious Brittle Brothers, before being resold to Navajo Nation, which funds may have been applied to purchase of french country house, from seven planet patron selling #kaniksu property to strawman with roundUp, upon which the town of Priest River rests.




On the day after 911, we launched our second store, triggering a worldly debate with escalating rhetoric over cartoon of our spokesperson whose likeness of being is heavily influenced with native american characteristics [of the kaniksu tribe] ... yet also embodies the likeness of being of Mohammad (along with Christ, Buddha, Moses, and most every other human, living or dead, from the beginning of time).

Some background ...

seven planet's retail business model offers virtually limitless opportunites.  Nevertheless, with limited resources, in 2008 the founders began focusing their attention on a grand plan of ___________________. 

seven planet is governed with seven articles, amended like animal farm, providing a vote for all and common sense*.

  • with interest towards acheiving a more peaceful planet, lines of distinction were removed from seven planet's #kaniksu map (note: no Israel, Palestine ... no White Sands... or Hiroshima ... #NavajoForPeace) 
  • Additionally, with interest towards a cleaner planet - seven continents (at least until antarctica melts) which have shared clean oceans, land and air for the last 30,000 years, less the last 100 or so - seven planet bands generally promote notion that a cleaner planet is better  .... [pan in atlantic trash vortex ... - song lyrics "in the heartland ... long ago ... courtesy of Patron ... with 100% of the song profits going towards cleaning up trash vortexs.
  • seven planet's Treasury of $14 Trillion roundUps [see Treasurer discussions] is backed with US Currency held at bank (subject to clawback) which US Treasury owned when illegible loans 036 and 037 were produced burying Loan 039 - see WAPPA.
  • There are five known roundUps in existence, held like a royal flush, with:
    • ​son of infamous burrito barron, leaving family food business temporarily to sharpen blades in community concerned with NSA like survellience and being "snowed in" with government work ...
    • bank which US Treasury owned (at heart of JourneyGym convertible note swap transaction) holding roundUps (see SquareCash) when US Treasury owned Iowa bank was credited with producing illegible loan documents burying Loan 039 ... noting US Treasury's SIGTARP's obligation to (i) investigate Iowa bank credited with documents at issue, (ii) clawback excessive incentive-based competition, and (iii) provide "finder's fee" to WAPPA.
    • Spanish surfer on pacific coast, with Rhasta and Blue (and Red) team 
    • ________________________________
    • ________________________________


Since 2007 the business model has continually been refined.  Presently, we are working on a movie idea ... [which dovetails nicely with the following ...

A story of peace and harmony... woven like fine Navajo tapestry ... of how a bunch of seven planet advisors (and a Treasurer passing away after "last call" minutes into State of Union speech) leveraged common sense ... in the name of liberty and in pursuit of happiness ... to live peacefully and harmoniously ever after in the village of kaniksu, governed with seven articles, amended like animal farm, providing a vote for all ... [applied with common sense ... and with benefit of voting founded upon democracy... 










Th story is of course also about a Treasurer, roundUps ... and hackweek.







Then the sultans ... play creole ...



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